Monday, November 2, 2009


Due to the restrictions of internet in China, this was intended to have been posted on October 27th.

We have officially moved!

Well after exactly three years at Getting Glenergized and a few short, neglected months at Backpackers Soul, the time has come to bid adieu. As of this post both sites are officially closed. Before you start to plan their respective eulogies, know that their hearts will go on in a new cyber-location. As of right now I'd like to officially announce the formation of my new on-line opinion platform, the easy to remember Glen Thoughts.

The reasons for this move are multi-fold:

1. Time for a Change: After three years (to the day, so happy Blogiversary to me...) at the same place, it was time for a move really.

2. Wordpress is Just Better: While this site is self-hosted it is still powered by Wordpress, which is simply miles better than Blogger. Expect there to be a few changes in the coming weeks to the layout as I figure somethings out.

3. Back to Basics: At different points I got side tracked to the whole point of this nerdy venture of mine, to ramble about what interests me! So expect to see some personal stories, some article type post about nerdy things (mainly hockey and wrestling), a few travel adventures, and maybe even some creative writing submissions.

4. China, China, China: Easily the most significant reason. The censorship in my current home is getting worse and worse. Blogger (along with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc...) has been blocked for months, and to make matters worse in the past few months they have started blocking methods to get around the censorship thus making posting far more of a chore than it needs to be.

Speaking of China, if any of you are interested (and I certainly hope that you ARE) I will still be writing for Lost Lao Wai (tilt your head to the right for the RSS feed), which will be the main location for my travel stories and/or thoughts on China. Plus there are lots of other great posts by other great authors, so it's well worth a readie-poo.

The tag-line for Glen Thoughts is the same as it has been at Getting Glenergized for most of the year, it is going to be devoted to the "Tales of a Renaissance Nerd". A one stop shop for all of your nerdy interests....assuming that your interests match with mine that is...

So I'm very much looking forward to furthering this site in the near future and I'm happy to have you lot all with me. If any of you have any suggestions whatsoever please do not hesitate to share them with me here!!!!

Until next time,


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